About the NHS Credit Union…


The NHS Credit Union currently have over 22,500 members and over 38 active payroll partners across a variety of health boards and social care units over Scotland and the North of England. Our employer partners’ workforce have access to the NHS Credit Unions salary deduction scheme, where employees can save monthly straight from their salary.


Our mission is to promote financial well-being and a savings culture in the NHS industry, intertwined with reducing financial stress in staff and providing ethical financial assistance to those who need it.

The benefits of becoming an employer partner


The Money Advice Service found that over 16 million people across the UK have savings of less than £100. People with little or no savings are more likely to take out a high interest loan or credit card and be vulnerable to predatory payday lenders or loan sharks. According to research by Fintech company Fairquid, NHS staff borrow approximately 45 million pounds from payday lenders each year and pay back on average, 1.65 times the borrowing amount. Reports have shown that poor financial well-being can cause:


  • Higher stress and anxiety levels.
  • Lower staff productivity.
  • Poorer job performance.
  • Reduce ability to concentrate.


The NHS Credit Union is a FREE to use, unique benefit for NHS employers. Benefits of offering this service to employees include:


  • To help avoid employee debt & increase productivity.
  • Encourages healthy financing amongst staff.
  • Reduces the need for pay advances, with access to ethical lending options.
  • Enhances corporate responsibility profile.

How do I become a payroll partner? – Free and easy to set up!


All NHS employers who operate in either Scotland or the North of England (Sheffield to Shetland) can become payroll partners of the NHS Credit Union. It’s FREE to become a partner and setting up payroll deduction with us for your employees is an easy process. If you’re an employee and think your health board or social care unit would benefit from becoming a partner then please contact your Human Resources department. Alternatively, you can also contact us on 0141 445 0022 or email news@nhscreditunion.com.

Some of our Payroll Partners…

NHSGG&C have a fantastic relationship with our NHS Credit union partners. The team provide excellent support and are warm and friendly towards ourselves and our employee members. Any issues or potential problems raised are dealt with swiftly and professionally. The NHS Credit union is truly an organisation that benefits it’s members and one to be proud of.

– NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde


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