Earn an “interesting” reward

Our Debt Consolidation Loans offer members the chance to combine all their debts into one easy to manage payment – and save hundreds of pounds in interest charges.

And there’s now an even bigger incentive to help members get control of their finances with our new Interest Reward scheme.

All members who complete their loan on the terms stated at the time of the application will receive a 1% rebate on the total amount of interest they have paid.

It’s our way of rewarding members for taking steps to take better control of their finances.

The reward scheme applies to all existing and new applications for Debt Consolidation Loans.

If you have multiple debts, here are just a few reasons to consider a Debt Consolidation Loan with the NHS Credit Union.

  • Offers members the chance to combine multiple debts
  • Helps members stay away from loan sharks and extortionate payday lending rates
  • Supports members wanting to learn how to manage their money better in future

Find more information about Debt Consolidation Loans HERE

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