Christmas Joining Deadlines


Christmas club

A credit union is not just for Christmas, but it can be a huge help at an expensive time of the year.

However, if you want to JOIN the NHS Credit Union and apply for some of the loan deals available to help make the big day extra special, then time is running out.

If you are not currently a member of the credit union, then your completed membership application form will have to be received at the office before Wednesday, October 31 to guarantee your eligibility to be able to apply for a loan before Christmas.

If the membership form is received by that date, and everything is in order, your first payment to the credit union should come off in November, allowing you to take advantage of our full range of services.

All loan applications are assessed on ability to repay, so no application is guaranteed to be accepted, but if your first payment is received in November, then you would be able to apply for a Christmas loan.

To join us online, log on to - or telephone the office on 0141-445-0022 for more information.

It must be stressed that this deadline applies only to non-members of the NHS Credit Union.

Christmas loan deadlines for those who are already members will be published next month.