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Benefits of the NHS Credit Union

We help care for the financial health of members across Scotland and the north of England and our membership is growing at record rates. At the start of this financial year, there were around 17,000 staff enjoying the benefits of being part of our financial family.

 We offer a secure home for savings, affordable loans ...and a whole lot more.

Two of our most popular benefits are Payroll Deduction and Free Life Savings and Loan Protection, which can help you save and protect your family's future. Check them out by clicking the tabs above.

Are you eligible to join the NHS Credit Union?


The Common Bond of the NHS Credit Union determines who can become a member of the organisation. Admission to membership of the Credit Union is restricted to:

1) Individuals currently in receipt of a continuing and regular payment arising from participation in the occupation of: 

  • Being currently in receipt of a continuing and regular contractual payment arising from participation in the provision of the public service of the NHS (or its successor organisation as a result of contractual arrangements, tendering or outsourcing from NHS) in Scotland or in the North West, North East or Yorkshire and Humberside regions of England.

2) Individuals otherwise associated with the individuals in 1)  through:

  • being in receipt of a pension as a result of following the occupation held by the above individuals or associated individuals
  • providing trade union, credit union,  social and welfare, ancillary or contracted services to the above individuals

3) An individual who is a member of the same household as, and is a relative of, an individual who is a member of the credit union and falls directly within a common bond specified above.


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Please check your eligibility before applying for membership


Membership of the NHS Credit Union is open to NHS Employees in Scotland, North England (North East, North West and Yorkshire & Humberside) and their families living at the same address. More detailed information can be found under the "Eligibility" tab above

Unfortunately, regulations do not allow us to accept membership applications from other geographical areas. If you live in (for example) the south of England, you can't join the NHS Credit Union. However, you can find an alternative credit union HERE

If you are at all unsure about your eligibility to join the NHS Credit Union, please telephone the office on 0141-445-0022 before you complete the online application form.

 Once you've checked your eligibility, please read our privacy policy and terms and conditions? (All applicants must confirm that they have read these documents and agree to abide by them.)

Next steps

Click the "Join Online" button to access and complete our membership application form. 

An original signature is needed by payroll departments and banks, so once we have received and checked your application form, we shall post you out either a payroll deduction mandate or a direct debit mandate if payroll deduction is not available to you.

Next complete the mandate, then sign and return it in the pre-paid envelope we shall supply, as soon as possible.

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Payroll Deduction

Most of our members can easily enjoy the advantages of our payroll deduction scheme and save directly from their salaries into their credit union account.

How do you save through Payroll?

  • Once you've completed your online membership application form, we'll send you out a payroll deduction form which you just need to fill in and sign and post back to us in the SAE we will supply.
  • We and your payroll department will do the rest - arranging for the nominated amount you would like to save each month to be deducted directly from your salary, and credited to an account of your choice.

Are there any other benefits?

  • Change the amounts you allocate to each savings account at any time.
  • Use Payroll to pay into a number of accounts e.g. Christmas Savings, Junior Savings with one single deduction.
  • Repay any loans you have with us through Payroll.

Free Life Savings and Loan Protection Scheme

As a member of the NHS Credit Union you have access to a unique protection provided by credit unions for the family of members in the event of bereavement - the Free Life Savings and Loan Protection Scheme* - which give extra peace of mind for members and their families at no extra cost.

The scheme is designed to reward a member's family for their commitment to save and provide them with financial support when they most need it.

How does it work?

  • Our Life Savings Protection means that in the event of a member’s death, their family will be provided with a single lump sum payment (applicable rates/amounts covered are those prevalent at the date of deposit).
  • With Life Savings Protection, the value of this payment is directly linked to a member's savings, so the more they save, the higher the payment. Up to a maximum of £3,000, every £1 in savings can be matched by £1 of benefit.
  • Our Loan Protection scheme means that if a member dies, their NHS Credit Union debt (up to a maximum of £15,000) can be paid off*

*Terms and Conditions apply - Terms of these free member benefits may change from time to time.

Important note - Individual members do NOT have an insurance policy – they share in a free benefit offered by the credit union