NHS Credit Union Common Bond

The Common Bond of the NHS Credit Union determines who can become a member of the organisation.


Under the terms of the Common Bond, membership is open to people living or working in Scotland (or the North West, North East or Yorkshire and Humberside regions of England) who are:


  • Employed by the NHS or successor organisations
  • Providing regular contractual services to the NHS
  • Employed in the Care or Third Sector organisations funded through the NHS
  • Receiving a pension from being employed in one of the categories above
  • A relative living in the same household as a member of the NHS credit union


If you are unsure if you fall within our common bond, please contact the office on 0141 445 0022, to find out if you are eligible to join our Credit Union.


Lifetime Membership;


Once you are a member of the NHS Credit Union you have a lifetime membership. By paying as little as £5 per month this will keep your account open even if you leave your job or retire you can still experience the benefit of saving with us

Member of ABCUL

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Founder member of CFCFE

Your money is protected up to £85,000

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