How to celebrate Halloween this year – because 2020 won’t ruin our fun!


By Fiona Hughes, Business Development & Marketing Assistant 


October 2020


We are now fast approaching Halloween, and it’s safe to say that the coronavirus pandemic has well and truly ensured that Halloween will look a lot different this year. But the question we have all been asking is – “Is Halloween completely cancelled this year”? The short answer is no – there are lots of safe and creative ways to have fun at home with family and friends who are in your social bubble. We have put together a list of some ideas that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home […]


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ICU Day – 2019/2020 Highlights


By Ruth Dorman, Chief Executive Officer


July 2019


Today we are celebrating International Credit Union Day (ICU Day) – a day dedicated to bringing the credit union movement together, raising awareness, revelling in all that we have […]


The NHS Credit Union – a good run for your money.


By David Cairns, Assistant to the Head of Finance & Compliance


July 2019


At the NHS Credit Union, we’re different to others in that our members all have one thing in common. Their effort and enthusiasm for ensuring the NHS sets the standard for healthcare in the UK, consistently goes […]


Out and about with a fantastic team


By Mark Russell, BDM


June 2019


When I joined the NHS Credit Union as Business Development Manager, I knew it was a fantastic opportunity for a unique organisation. The ethos of saving and collaboration throughout the credit union movement, combined with the ability […]


Credit Unions: Co-operative Learning


By Ruth Dorman, CEO


May 2019


It was my pleasure recently to participate in a delegation from the NHS Credit Union to our twins at Health Services Staffs Credit Union in Dublin. I was accompanied by our Chair, Elaine Rae, and directors Elizabeth Degning, Margaret Bain and Tom Waterhouse. Our […]


ABCUL Conference


By Ruth Ryan, Member Engagement Officer


April 2019


This was my first ABCUL conference, and I’ve got to admit that I was a little bit nervous about the situation. However, it turned out to be a fantastic … if very busy … weekend and the rest of the NHS Credit Union team went out of their way to make me feel at ease […]


Help us support some great causes


By Ruth Dorman, CEO


March 2019


Your NHS Credit Union is proud to help care for the financial health of members all over the country. But I’m also delighted that the organisation is keen to play its part in supporting the wider health community. As part of this drive […]



CEO Ruth Dorman joins the NHS Credit Union


By Ruth Dorman, CEO


February 2019


The aspirations and needs of the NHS Credit Union at this time present a unique opportunity for an experienced and passionate individual, so the role of Chief Executive Officer is one which I am delighted to be taking up […]


Change for the better


By Maureen Paterson, Head of Finance/Deputy CEO


January 2019


It’s a fair bet that you’ve eaten more food and drunk more alcohol than usual over the last few weeks. And it’s a racing certainty that you’ve spent more than you bargained for on Christmas. The statistics on Christmas spending are […]


Exciting time to join the family


By Mark Russell, BDM


December 2018


When I joined the NHS Credit Union in September this year, I knew I was joining at a time of transition. Our previous CEO had recently left to join ABCUL, the trading association for credit unions, and we were reaching a huge milestone […]


20 years of the NHS Credit Union – from strength to strength


By Maureen Paterson, Head of Finance/Deputy 


October 2018


2018 is a special year for all of us involved in the NHS Credit Union. Not only does it mark our 20th birthday, but it’s also the 70th anniversary of the  […]

Time to bust some of the myths about credit unions


By Maureen Paterson, Head of Finance/Deputy CEO


November 2018


At the start of this month, there were 17,174 adult members of the NHS Credit Union – and 100 more members under the age of 18. That sounds quite impressive until you consider that in Scotland  […]


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