How to celebrate Halloween this year – because 2020 won’t ruin our fun!


We are now fast approaching Halloween, and it’s safe to say that the coronavirus pandemic has well and truly ensured that Halloween will look a lot different this year. But the question we have all been asking is – “Is Halloween completely cancelled this year”? The short answer is no – there are lots of safe and creative ways to have fun at home with family and friends who are in your social bubble. We have put together a list of some ideas that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home.


Let’s have some skele-fun!

1. Not Trick-or-Treat but Hide and Seek


Instead of trick-or-treating why not play a game of hide and seek with a twist?! Hide Halloween treats around your home with the lights turned off to make it extra spooky – try to find them using torches. You can add to this game by leaving various clues lying around with glowsticks.



2. Pumpkin Picking/Carving


Head out to your local pumpkin farm and pick some pumpkins. This is a fun activity the whole family can enjoy, while getting some great ‘instagram’ photos. After you have selected your perfect pumpkin, get carving! Not quite sure where to begin? Watch this short video below to give you a helping hand. Finally, don’t give up on Zoom yet – enough time has passed from the beginning of lockdown, when we were bombarded with virtual quizzes, that a virtual pumpkin carving could be fun. So get creative…  and let the best pumpkin win!

3. Watch a Scary Movie


If you fancy more of a chilled evening then organise a scary movie night – there’s certainly no shortage of scary films on Netflix. Or if you want a more family friendly film then have a look on Disney Plus. You could go all out and make some tasty Halloween treats to go along with the movie – you can find lots of delicious Halloween treat recipes here.

4. Costume Competition


Half the fun of Halloween is getting dressed up and you most definitely can still do this, regardless of any restrictions in place. DIY your costumes to save some money and run a competition between your household or friends/family over zoom. For some ideas and inspiration visit Pinterest here.




5. Decorate your house


Channel your Christmas decorating spirit and celebrate Halloween in style. You can make all this stuff yourself or if you have children, they can help too. Get creative and make spooky ghosts, spiders and lots more – anything goes on Halloween! 


Be the ghostess-with-the-mostess!

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