Brand New Loan Products

We’re excited to announce that as of 1st July 2020, the NHS Credit Union are launching brand new loan products! These products will expand our ethical range of existing loan products and provide our members with even more borrowing options, at incredibly competitive interest rates.

Ten Month Loan

This loan product is for members who need support making payments for annual costs such as: car insurance, MOT/car service or professional fees. Borrow between £500 to £1,500 over ten months at only 5.1% APR.

Lifting Lockdown Loan

This COVID-19 specific product has been designed to help our members make the most of lockdown easing and enjoy shops & restaurants reopening as well as provide the opportunity for going on a staycation. Members can borrow between £500 to £2,500 at 5.1% APR. Our lifting Lockdown Loan is only available for limited time until 30th September 2020.


These products will be launching tomorrow and full details will be available then – Please see eligibility and full Terms & Conditions BEFORE applying.

Thank you,

The NHS Credit Union


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