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30 March 2017
Help shape our future

Did you know that becoming a director of the NHS Credit Union could allow you to help shape the future of the organisation - and also assist with your personal development?

The Credit Union has a broad range of NHS staff in its boardroom and all play an important role in developing strategy and policy as the organisation continues to grow and develop new services for its 11,500 members.

Volunteer directors currently include staff from the world of auxiliary nursing, payroll, inequalities, public affairs and communications and a few retired NHS staff – one of whom is Hugh Sweeney, a former employee director of Lanarkshire Health Board.

The only requirement is that you become a member of the Credit Union and are able to attend the 10 board meetings per year – each of which lasts approximately three hours.

There is a good level of training for board members covering areas such as UK financial services regulations, governance and risk management.

There are opportunities to learn about business in the boardroom and developing opportunities within the existing committee structure which supports the business of the Credit Union.

Robert Kelly, general manager of the Credit Union, said: “We have vacancies for Board members and I would welcome interest from NHS staff who feel they have something to offer.

“Our team is a small one, but it is bursting with enthusiasm and commitment and we believe in what we are doing to encourage NHS staff to save responsibly and manage their finances well. Our ethos is one of responsible lending and investment.

“If any existing Credit Union member wants to discuss the possibility of joining our Board, I would be happy to chat through what it involves and the opportunities for training and development that would be offered. If a staff member is not already a member then they can still be considered – the only proviso being that they do sign up as a Credit Union member.”

To contact Robert, email: or telephone 0141 445 0022.

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